That’s why they are since Ubuntu 8. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated,. In case you forgot to add the file one of the folling commands should bring up wireless again after hibernation:. I have tried the default drivers and the propietary drivers with Ubuntu 8. I’m marking this one a duplicate of bug , because it’s the more serious one. I was wondering what if I try with latest drivers from ati. All started up ok.

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So I managed to fix the shuting down issue using the following taken from another post:.

With that said, Ubuntu 8. That’s why I know about that exactly. Thanks midnightflash, that solved my question. Disappointingly I got a cloned screen and resigned myself to another 6 hours of my life going to waste.


Also, the shutdown process hangs – this occurs at the line ‘shutting down ALSA’. However there are several annoying bugs, some of them described in the Ubuntu wiki.

Solution in the answer: At some point in the upgrade though the “Update Manager” window disappears and the machine appears to be doing nothing. Org drivers and Mesa 7. I myself was suffering from this a bit with an old Radeon which was also blacklisted for a while because of that shitty Xpress cards. I hope he can ontrepid. That’s why they are since Ubuntu 8.


The crackling quality is usually not a symptom. Michael has written more than 10, articles covering the state of Linux hardware support, Linux performance, graphics drivers, and other topics. Well Intrepix have been quiet busy lately and its now almost a month since the new release of Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex has been out and I hadn’t upgraded my main work laptop.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Yes, it seems to be the same problem, although the shutdown process doesn’t hang when shutting down.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as if any kernel mode-setting support will make its way into this next version of Ubuntu A Preview of Kernel-Based Mode-Setting. I can shut down now, and with OSS it works in fact fine, but why is this the case? Add tags Tag help. Last time this did not work for me.

Robb Topolski funchords wrote on As for the crackling, it’s possibly a pulseaudio issue; need more info. Also, is a huge mess and introducing one more side issue to it would likely cause more harm than good. Any fix for is unlikely to itnrepid the crackling issue.


You don’t want to reboot or shutdown in the middle of an upgrade, eventually a window will pop up telling you it wti finished the upgrade and whether it encountered any errors. I never installed OSS or something like this?

Intrepid Ibex Upgrade Success | Jumping Bean – We Build, We Support, We Train

Any news on this? I think those two issues have something to do with each ibed, because they were intruduced with the same update iirc. I rather don’t install Kubuntu.

I would very thankful if you help me, please bear in mind that I’m new Am I allowed to set the status to ‘confirmed’? I’m new with Linux, so I don’t know much of this.

Troubles with Drivers with Intrepid Ibex, just got 2D functions. Even a sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-sound-base did not help. Does the sound still work after removing kubuntu again?