Other smaller review sites can be helpful as well in sending you in the right direction. Hi does anyone know about http: AGAIN, if you still have to question it buy in person. The leathe work was not great, non straight lines and dodgy paint jobs. Seemed to be ok and good service. I hope none were golf clubs of any of the previously mentioned brands.

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How to Tell Fake Ping G10’s – Golf Talk – Forums

After reading this forum I cancelled the order by e-mail yesterday. They seem to offer a pretty good deals. Note also that the plastic ferrule — which covers the join between clubhead and shaft — is slightly thinner on the fake.

Someone already said it, but I will repeat. The counterfeit is the on the left by the way.

Does anyone have any information on this company? I have a friend who purchased an R11 driver from gfsellers.

PING G10 CLONES!!! Watch out!

I ordered the Taylormade R9TP irons coubterfeit was contacted within a few hours by my CC company asking if I had purchased any electronic equipment from Toyontech. Hi as anyone dealt with wholesalegolfcheap.

If you can please send us your address we can send you a brown paper bag. Has anyone bought clubs from http: During my 11 years in the golf industry I have seen an explosion in golf club counterfeiters. I thought I counteerfeit stumbled across the best golf club website in the world after putting the words golf clubs into my Counrerfeit search engine followed by the words cheap, wholesale, discount, super cheap, rockbottom, counterreit, really super cheap, really really super super cheap.


However upon sending them an email telling g110 their stuff is so fske I cant give them away they sent me an email back saying the clubs are genuine they dont sell fakes! Thread starter StuR Start date May 30, Frank what is the website address and I will let you know if we have any additional info on them. Their response was their warehouse was out of stock and that they shipped it direct. The genuine club on the right is reflecting the light much better than the counterfeit on the left.

I am still shooting in the range same as my old Intech set.

Does the website have a pysical address? Thank goodness for honest people out there! Joined Apr 25, Messages 2.

fake ping G10s? | Golf Monthly

Despite their huge popularity, there tend to pping much fewer Ping counterfeits around than some other major makes. When you think how much the big 3 sell their products for and the HUGE mark ups they have its no wonder the fakes are popular. I guarantee the golf clubs WILL be fake! Have you read the about us citation?


Joined Jan 7, Messages Has anyone heard of this website? At first glance it is tricky to tell from the real countfrfeit on the right — the shade of red is very slightly brighter, but otherwise they are virtually identical. Go to your local retailers, get a feel of the clubs and be assured you are getting the genuine article. My irons were same swingweight from Callaway here. Oh well, like I say, just a thought. Here is the final giveaway.

Just wondering if anyone knows anything about http: I think it is a very fanciful pin to believe, as you put it, that Rockbottom gets it goods from closeouts or overstock activities.