Select node version selectNodeVersion 2. Perhaps if you are doing a one-off toy project, maintenance is cheap. Run the following command only: If you want to disable caching, you have two options: Again, I got the same “module not found” error that killed the deployment. I had already installed all the required softwares and tools, but when I initially ran the code for running the tests, gulp itest , I got this ‘Cannot find module’ Error.

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Just an error screen telling me the resource I requested could not be found.

I wrote a premium course for C and ASP. If not and you want to use the module from any directory, you need to install it globally using npm install -g. As an aside, I worked at Microsoft for 10 years and we always had 3rd party dependencies checked into our source tree.

So, the default setup is that the pm2 process starts when nvm is not in effect, so it uses the apt-get installation of Node. If your module’s main file is not called index. Took me a few minutes to realise my blunder. Also, for the error: Copy all of the files in your repository to the site root. If you had the same versions across multiple projects then if you update anything you must update everything. Kudu will look for your package. Alex Werner 2 7.

Everything that went wrong when deploying my Node + Hapi app to Microsoft Azure

My intent was to have two directories – one for the faye sources from github and another one for my project that requires faye. The command will import the NodeJS TypeScript definitions into your project, allowing you to use Node’s built-in modules. So adding to, and elaborating the answer provided by PrashanthiDeviand also adding my personal experience, here it cuold.


These steps are tested for Ubuntu Each resource provider implements a Search method implementing the complete set of search parameters defined in the FHIR specification for the given resource type. So – in the odd chance that none of the other solutions here are solving your problem, triple check that you’re not mis-casing the characters in your included filename!

Enter your email below and I’ll make sure hapii hear about those tutorials the second they’re done. Again, I got the same “module not found” error that killed the deployment.

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With my super simple build process ready to go, I flipped the switch and merged the pull request that converted this website from ASP. When I want to publish a new blog post, all I have to do is push the new post to the site’s GitHub repository and Azure will automatically build and deploy it thanks to continuous integration.

This implementation uses a fairly simple install design, with a single table being used to hold resource bodies which are stored as CLOBs, optionally GZipped to save space and a set of tables to hold search indexes, tags, history details, etc.

To send a response, you simply return a value and Hapi will send the appropriate body and headers. You can reach it at https: This will install all dependencies and modules into your project folder. For TypeScript users, if you are importing a built-in Node module such as httppath or url and you are getting an error such as “Cannot find module “x” then the error can be fixed by running.


So even if your server app is happily chugging along, diligently listening for requests on whatever port you gave it, it will never receive a request. Note that these resource providers are generated as a part of the HAPI build process, so they are not checked into Git. Completely remove this website’s reliance on a database for storing blog posts, and instead rely on simple markdown files.

The error message received wasn’t angry enough to alert me to my own folly! After adding the new deployment script files to my GitHub repository and pushing the changes to the master branch, Kudu took the new changes, found my custom deployment script, tried to run it and On Windows it is important to put the directories in this type of hierarchy structure unless it is desired to set most of the paths to libraries by hand when using CMake.

I would also do a npm cache clean, just as a safety thing: In order to use this command with an Oracle database, you will need to invoke the CLI as follows:. Your selected Node version may not actually be your selected Node version.

Kudos to you and to Google!