I do not know the differences in the old gearbox of the previous Argos drill motor, therefore cannot say. If goods are sold by tender then the bidder has to comply with all the above terms and conditions as it would relate to the sale being completed as a tender. Credit offered by NewDay Ltd, over 18s only, subject to status. Does the charger stop charging when the battery is full or is there a danger of over charging and cooking the battery and killing it. I Hope This Helps. Is this drill recommended for use drilling tiles? I want to put TV wall bracket.

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Tightening the clutch out the case can reach the point of being able to stall the motor. Can I buy a spare battery or will I have to replace a perfectly good drill? I couldn’t find one, I just bought another drill, as the price is so good, then use both batteries that way. Is this drill suitable for drilling into bricks?

All bidders are required to register in order to bid. For general shipping information from the auctioneer please see below: I bought one these drills but like a spare battery to charge while I use so if it runs down I can recharge and use the spare.


Is this drill useful for brick work. Any drill bit for metal is fine for drilling PVC. I saw in the video the screwdriver piece that attaches to the drill has a flat head The circuit board can’t be removed without desoldering, the solder and components on the circuit board looked of good quality.

I Hope This Helps. What is the smallest size drill bit this drill will hold?

I use this drill alot and when it runs put of battery I cant use it for 4 hours. Good drill as long as you have good drill bits. It’s a standard spring clutch with ball bearings pushing into the ring gear which is notched. Total price for all items: Has no problem on brick. What accessories go with this. What valje bits do I need to buy for this item?

These will need to be purchased separately.

Argos Value Range 12v Cordless Drill Driver

Which drill would you recommend for doing both jobs of driving in screws and drilling holes into exterior and interior UK house walls specifically Englandddill drill or the Simple value range hammer drill – W. Hi May, I have looked into this for you and this is not designed to be used on concrete walls, I would recommend the product in the link below for use on concrete walls. Product did not come with a drill bit. No because it says that the chuck is 13mmit does not mean that the hole it will do will be 13mm.


Black and Decker You may be better suited purchasing a multi purpose drill. Get to Know Us. Spread the cost with an argos card Find out more. I do actually have one hammer drill motor working fine from an old black and decker drill I had floating around, but it’s really long and I doubt I’ll find a matching one for the other side anyway.

My suggestion cordlews be to contact DIY stores who sell drills for spare batteries. Can I buy a spare charger?

The pinion is the same size on both new and old but the new has a smaller ring gear.

Argos Value Range 12v Cordless Drill Driver | eBay

Maximum of RPM. Can I use this to put up curtains rails Into the wall?

Keep the torque adjusting ring from the case, it’s handy for turning the plate on the gearbox.