When auto is selected, the driver will attempt to dynamically select the optimal power profile for current conditions in the driver. Setting 0 disables it. Mainly used for evicting vram at suspend time. Forums New posts Search forums. Return The virtual address of the mapping or an error pointer. And 1 if to set maximum clock. Pins the buffer object according to requested domain and address range.

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The return value indicates whether this is a new fault, or a fault that was already known and is already being handled. Add a mapping of the BO at the specefied addr into the VM.

drm/amdgpu AMDgpu driver — The Linux Kernel documentation

Benetanegia New Member Dec 10, To create a custom set of heuristics, write a string of numbers to the file starting with the number of the custom profile along with a setting for each heuristic parameter. The default is 0xffffffff enable all blocks on a device. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

For now, simply unpins the buffer from GTT. Joined Aug 11, Messages 0. On older GPUs, the vbios provided a special power state for balanced operation. An IOMMU is like a memory controller, and can access sytem ram directly rather than via the GART space, that has limitationswithout interfering with the other controllers that access the same address space.


Setting 0 disables it. It decouples compute pasid from vm.

When auto is selected, the driver will attempt to dynamically select the optimal power gat for current conditions in the driver. This adds a massive lag. The index should be 0 if to set minimum clock. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Disable You can use hwmon tools like sensors to view this information on your system. The default is 0 automatic for each asic. The default is 0.

GPU Memory Mapping

This is done by programming the device to work inside the “graphics aperture” memory region controlled by the GART, and then using the GART to translate this address to the real target address, above 4 GB.

Override power features enabled. If there are too many pending page faults, this yart fail. It is required when a buffer can not be moved, for example, when a display buffer is being scanned out. Some asics may not have some IPs or may include multiple instances of an IP so the ordering various a,d asic to asic. Default value, 0, disables the halt on hang. The default is 0 depending on gfx. This option can serve as a workaround on systems with a broken CRAT table.


The default is 0 Skip test, only set 1 to run test. Set value 1 to enable emulation mode. The userspace drivers maintain their own address space and the kernel sets up their pages tables accordingly when they submit their command buffers and a VMID is assigned. On older GPUs, the vbios provided a special power state for battery operation.

Any one else remember that? This is the hotplug event work handler all ASICs. When the profiling modes are selected, clock and power gating are disabled and the clocks are set for different profiling cases. This mode is recommended for profiling specific work loads where you do not want clock or power gating for clock fluctuation to interfere with your results.