The others had agreed to shave their heads, I was under serious pressure, their view was we were getting nowhere and this was our new direction. It was a pretty grim experience. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Originally a non-racist punk band that was very influential to later Oi! Two years later the impetus had gone, bad decisions had been made, key players had left and a lack of musical focus led to their decline into a very average rock not punk band. In band went through a line-up change and Ian filled the last vacancy to Scotty to pick up the sticks.

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Retrieved 9 November Grinny, Kev and Don quit their jobs straight skreewdriver, so it all hinged on sirewdriver, basically we had to go in April or not at all. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If he got Slade back together, he could make an absolute fortune. Don ended up at the flat Mark and I rented for quite a while, he was still a skinhead which made things a bit awkward at times.

Skrewdriver- A Fan’s View

Not all messages are displayed: The post i replied to has vanished. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mark Radcliffe Drums Legally speaking, all content of this blog unless otherwise stated is the intellectual property of Malcolm Wyatt and may only be reproduced with permission.


Give skresdriver man a break! Don was adamant that I had not had a significant input to the song writing, we argued about it and he turned to take a swipe at me which I dodged. We talked for a long time and drank far too much beer while looking back over his 15 minutes of fame radclifef Skrewdriver. Although Ron Hartley is featured on the album sleeve the original liner notes acknowledged that Phil played all the guitar parts. Although technically no great singer, Don was beginning to build the aggressive swagger and confidence that made him a good frontman.

It does still make the Black Metal bands sound rather unpleasant, though.

I think he was on a wage from Chiswick, he was only with us for a few months then he was offered the drum seat in X Ray Specs. I used to love playing with the Damned they were great, I think we got those gigs through Effie because of her friendship with Chris.

The Quietus | News | Plan B Photographed In Skrewdriver T Shirt

The police turned up because of the noise and asked who was driving the van, which skrewdruver a good question as most of us were incapable of even standing up. The van was surrounded and we got a right pasting. Besides giving the group more scope musically, the addition of Steve made the band more international in composition than ever before. We survived on a diet of potatoes and baked beans.

Mark Radcliffe – Skrewdriver member??!!

After Skrewdriver Stigger formed his own group titled Warlord and has been playing activly ever since, and was also involved in tons of projects. The word got round that these people were acquaintances of ours, although in reality they were acquaintances of Makr.


I didn’t tell my parents, they skrewrriver know until years later, I would ring them from London and pretend it was Manchester.

If I could get a semi-detached house and a reliable saloon car I thought that would be okay really. The long hot British Summer of was a musical rwdcliffe point for many.

Cross and Sargent were sentenced for life. Journal of Social History. The skinhead image was a fashion thing, maybe in hindsight a bit misconceived. The two lads out of Shabby Tiger were not happy, they just took us to the M6 and dropped us off at the first service station. We were so nervous it was unbelievable, we’d never played in front of an audience properly, it was packed.

I was the first to play them. Mark and I had had enough by then and quit soon after. It all broke up and I went back to college. Notify me of new comments radcliffe email.

They released records on Rock-O-Ramaa label that became known for far-right sympathies.