There is a rumor of a 2. The best solution might be to find a cheap used 10Base-T only ethernet hub. Apr 5, Posts: I have one for my Mac Classic. Is there someone who can help me out to find the drivers for this card? Now i am stuck with old floppy’s to transfer files, but, lucky me; it has an Ethernet card build in. Years ago, the drivers could be found on the Farallon website, but now it has been taken over by Proxim, and unfortunately it is not available on there support website anymore.

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Here’s an off-the-wall suggestion, proceeding from my mighty brain: Is there someone who can help me out to find the drivers for this card?

Which Nubus Ethernet card – Farallon PNA-TP or DaynaPort E/T? – Peripherals – 68kMLA Forums

I’m partial to Farallon, but that’s strictly personal preference. Links are to archived pages from the old Farallon website. We believe in the long term value of Apple hardware. Posted August 28, PhoneNet was the name for transmitting LocalTalk over phone wires created by Farallon.


You erhernet still be able to manually assign an IP address. Try reading this threadespecially post 9. On the other hand, AppleTalk made it easy to create point-to-point networks, and early on, People should be able to download them using the new link in the article.

I used to have some of those, but I may have thrown them out recently. This are actual photo’s of the card itself.

Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. Edited August 28, by TimHD.

The famed Tekserve computer store used to periodically publish CDs with lots of drivers. Sign In Sign Up.

Farallon Ethernet PC Card – Apple PowerBook

Register a new account. The biggest difference I think would be throughput, how close can you push to the 10MBPs between the cards? Thank you for sharing this information. Sign up for a new account in our community. Mon Feb 06, 6: You’re etehrnet, daanvdlthe driver they have for 6 different part numbers is release 2.


I just phoned T2, which has taken over Tekserve’s business-solutions business and is reachable from the Tekserve. A couple of quick comments that I want to spam around the internet so that any future explorers or me after a couple of months can find them: Faarllon wondering the same thing.

Aug 10, Posts: That would be true unless it has an RJ port on it, which it might but you haven’t indicated it does. I don’t think they ever interchanged the names. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Of course, these systems were not compatible with each other.

Posted September 5, You should always use bit addressing with EtherWave. Mon Feb 06, Despite; Thanks for the links!