I managed to get my USB drives. You shouldn’t be experincing the usb issue ever on that laptop: As for the brightness indicator I have 3 dell lappys and non of them show it after a fresh install. I think it is an oem feature that dell doesn’t provide extra dl’s for. I think I can trust you, but did you try the alsa-base. Maybe it’s the Base System Device? Both produces sound but only through the inbuilt speaker.

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Vostro Conexant HD Audio “problem” | NotebookReview

Hi, Problem has changed after an alsa upgrade. Posted November 20, edited. So, then wasn’t I editing the alsa-base. Basically I had to go into the folder it extracted and specifically enter the 32bit and run the setup from there. All the laptops I’ve seen they had it, so am I missing a driver? On the output tab choose the correct device.

I by the way wrote all the commands which he copy pasted. Sign In Sign Up. Now, an added question.


I moved them just to check if there is any audio from the headphone jack. What happens is after reboot alsamixer won’t appear anymore.

Am I supposed to open gnome-alsamixer with this line included in alsa-base-conf? I should have asked you first. Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: The headphone jack is what he uses to connect his 2. Anyways, at least sound is restored.

According to post 3, you have version 1. Did you try dell-vostro? All the levels were high already. MSFN is made available via donations, subscriptions and advertising revenue. After installing the linuxant driver sound is back on the headphone jack but it still doesn’t mute the internal speaker upon jack insertion.

Use vosrto link in my sig to upgrade alsa to v 1. If there are official ALSA updates supplied by Ubuntu repositories or kernel changes, these will overwrite your manual ALSA upgrade – you need to re-run this script in this case.

The rest is same. According to the dell site it is fully xp compatable so I think your os source is suspect here.


I had the same issue and merely added the line of code you suggested Doing a update via Device Manager with internet connection does not find anything. Both produces sound but only through the inbuilt speaker.

Edited November 20, by Kelsenellenelvian. Still no audio from the headphone jack. Try this in alsa-base. Already have an account?

Download driver for laptop, Dell Computer Corporation Vostro 1014

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Please disable ad-blocking software or set an exception for MSFN. Okay, I will try that or I’ll just tell him that the audio hardware of his laptop is “partially supported” on linux which not entirely incorrect. I am very sorry but I don’t remember the error code of alsamixer exactly.